Jessica + Justin | South Carolina Mountains Destination Wedding | Clemson, SC

by Emily Pogozelski

Sometimes wedding clients find us in straightforward ways, and sometimes things wind up lining up in slightly more complex patterns. Jessica found us because she also went to college at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where Em graduated over ten years ago with a BFA in photography. Adding to that connection, this couple planned their wedding in a lovely part of South Carolina, just a tiny detour off of our planned route north to Vermont for the season… during the exact week we would be traveling. Seemed like kismet, and in retrospect we are so happy that things lined up the way they did!

Both of their families are from the Carolinas, which was immediately evident by their welcoming southern hospitality from the moment we arrived in town. We loved that this wedding day included all of the details they found to be important and skipped traditions they didn’t care about. Jessica’s tea length dress may buck tradition, but it was perfect not only for their location but also for her personality, and it made it easier for her to walk across the shady lawn after the rain. Oh right… the rain! The weather was fickle on this Saturday in late May; the morning started out sunny and warm, but a massive storm blew through while everyone was getting ready, causing some mild panic in regards to the planned outdoor ceremony on the grassy lawn of Kresge Hall, the outdoor lab of Clemson University. Then something magical happened: the moment they saw each other at their first look the sun broke through the clouds and it stayed clear for the rest of the night. (Truly. This really happened! Look at the lack of sunspots on the ground as Jessica walks up behind Justin in the images below, and then at them both looking up at the sky in wonder as the sun beamed down on them.)

The rest of the day flew by, but snippets remain burned into our minds: fun with group portraits outside on a few antique couches; beautiful speeches; fun parent dances; delicious cake; an incredibly energetic dance floor; and capping the evening with an enthusiastically belted rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. This wedding was AWESOME. Check out our favorites below. xoxo– Em + Steve