Mindy + Anthony | Lake Worth Casino Ballroom Wedding | Lake Worth, Florida

by Emily Pogozelski

One of the things we love about client referrals is that sometimes we recognize a few people at a wedding. Even better? When a bride of ours from a couple of years ago refers her brother and future sister-in-law and we recognize half of the family at the entire event. This would lead to a very relaxed feeling to the day in general, but Mindy + Anthony’s wedding was even smoother than we’d expected. The perfect South Florida winter weather certainly didn’t hurt! Picture this: an intimate garden courtyard fenced by towering trees, sparkling sunlight filtering through the leaves that flutter with a light breeze. A fountain trickles quietly in the center, droplets catching the sunbeams and glistening like diamonds before plunging into the waiting pool. This was at the Mango Inn, where Mindy chose to get ready with all of her ladies, and where Mindy + Anthony had their first look in private before the ceremony. Idyllic, no? And then we all went to the beautiful nearby beach, where their guests looked on at the ocean while they said their wedding vows. The indoor reception at the Lake Worth Casino Ballroom overlooked the ocean, but we barely noticed– everyone was too intent on dancing up a storm.

Check out a few of our favorites from the day below, and leave some comment love for Mindy + Anthony! We can’t wait to show you the rest soon. xoxo–Em + Stevemindyanthonywed-01mindyanthonywed-02mindyanthonywed-03mindyanthonywed-04mindyanthonywed-05mindyanthonywed-06mindyanthonywed-07mindyanthonywed-08mindyanthonywed-09mindyanthonywed-10mindyanthonywed-11mindyanthonywed-12mindyanthonywed-13mindyanthonywed-14mindyanthonywed-15mindyanthonywed-16mindyanthonywed-17mindyanthonywed-18mindyanthonywed-19mindyanthonywed-20mindyanthonywed-21mindyanthonywed-22mindyanthonywed-23mindyanthonywed-24mindyanthonywed-25mindyanthonywed-26mindyanthonywed-27mindyanthonywed-28mindyanthonywed-29mindyanthonywed-30mindyanthonywed-31mindyanthonywed-32mindyanthonywed-33mindyanthonywed-34mindyanthonywed-35mindyanthonywed-36mindyanthonywed-37mindyanthonywed-38mindyanthonywed-39mindyanthonywed-40mindyanthonywed-41mindyanthonywed-42mindyanthonywed-43mindyanthonywed-44mindyanthonywed-45mindyanthonywed-46mindyanthonywed-47mindyanthonywed-48mindyanthonywed-49mindyanthonywed-50mindyanthonywed-51mindyanthonywed-52mindyanthonywed-53mindyanthonywed-54mindyanthonywed-55mindyanthonywed-56mindyanthonywed-57mindyanthonywed-58mindyanthonywed-59mindyanthonywed-60mindyanthonywed-61mindyanthonywed-62mindyanthonywed-63mindyanthonywed-64mindyanthonywed-65mindyanthonywed-66mindyanthonywed-67

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