Stacy + Ryan + Evelyn | an afternoon and evening in Colorado Springs

by Emily Pogozelski

I met Stacy + Ryan at the very beginning of their love story; while we’ve been in touch on Facebook and other internet connections, we hadn’t actually seen each other in ten years. In the ten years since then life has happened: college degrees, career choices, marriages (theirs; ours), travel, moves, and recently: the birth of their daughter, Evelyn (called Evie). Reconnecting while I was in Colorado Springs on business this fall was a wonderful experience; we spent the afternoon and evening talking, laughing, catching up, and reveling in Evie’s excitement and smiles. Along for the ride were the family pets: Beauregard, an energetic and happy dog; and his three cats, Scratch, Pina, and The Bun. Playing in a favorite park and relaxing in their beautiful garden and home (not to mention a delicious dinner, cooked from tomatoes picked that afternoon just steps from the kitchen) was like fuel for my heart and soul, and I’m so thrilled to have met Evelyn at this wonderful time in her life. The next goal: get together before another decade passes by in the blink of an eye.




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Evelyn Adams November 17, 2014 - 8:25 pm

What a lively collection of lovely photos of this beautiful family! You even captured the “Holstein” kitty’s curious peek as well as the “gotta-run” look while Evie crawled directly towards him/her. Fabulously creative documentation-as always! Very nice.

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