Angela and Justin welcomed their first son, Wyatt, last week and we joined them at the family ranch in Okeechobee for a family session that spanned several generations. We had a great time exploring the ranch (so many beautiful old trees!) and playing with the horses.

Baby Jude is such a cutie!  His daddy, Shawn, is a firefighter for Martin County, and he had some really sweet ideas to use his fireman gear with his newborn son.  Chelsea and Shawn are going to be great parents… we had such a fun time with their tiny little boy (at just 13 days old he has such personality!).  Jude was not a fan of being unswaddled for a few photos… but he made…

We had the pleasure of meeting Gina and Tracy’s addition to their family when he was just seven days old!  Isn’t little Vincent adorable?