Tara + Kevin | Hillsboro Club Wedding Photography | Hillsboro Beach, Florida

by Emily Pogozelski

When we first met Tara and Kevin at their engagement session last year, we fell in love with both of them. Tara won us over with her genuine sweetness, while Kevin cracked us up like no other client ever has. We figured we would laugh on their wedding day too, but we had no idea how good things would get. More on that in a minute.

Weddings at the Hillsboro Club in Hillsboro Beach, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, are by their very nature relaxed affairs with an elegant touch. Anytime you can hear the ocean’s surf crash nearby you can’t help but feel your tensions ease; situated just steps from the water, you can hear or see the ocean from nearly everywhere on the property.

We started the day with Tara getting ready with her family and girlfriends; when Steve went to document Kevin opening his groom’s gift from his bride-to-be things got pretty hilarious. (You’ll have to scroll down to see why.) The day flew through an emotional first look, where anxiety ran high until that blessed moment of relief when their eyes met and arms flung around each other, and then all was well again. The ceremony location was uncertain based on the weather, but with some determined scowls at the threatening sky, the wind eased up and the rain clouds departed, leaving a beautiful beachside location for their nuptials. The reception was filled with genuine and heartfelt speeches, delicious dinners for everyone, and a wild party of a dance floor. (And if that weren’t enough, after everything wound down the afterparty continued on the sand with a bonfire, a bar, and s’mores kits.)

We couldn’t have enjoyed this day more, and we’re so thrilled to have been there with Tara + Kevin. Check out our favorites below! xoxo– Em + Steve

This might need some explaining. The quick version: Tara, being a brilliant and thoughtful fiancée, knew that her future husband has an obsession with Cheez-Its. She decided to buy the largest case of snack-packs she could find to hide his true present (a beautiful watch) within. Kevin, being Kevin, decided to have as much fun as possible with the tasty crackers. See a few of the publishable examples here. ;-)