Jessica + David + Sterling + Laure | Winter Portrait Session at Dartmouth College

by Emily Pogozelski

In one of those wild coincidences, I planned a trip back to Vermont the same weekend that Jessica + David took their kiddos up for a family visit. Raw weather and a distinct lack of sunshine made for something of a challenge (this part of New England doesn’t often have snow so early in the season, so things mostly just look dead and trampled), but Jessica suggested some of Dartmouth’s campus, as the students were off for break. Perfect! The big windows in Hopkins Center let in gorgeous indirect light, and the shiny new sculpture outside the Black Family Arts Center proved too tempting for small hands and feet, and became a delightful jungle gym. Despite claims that they might never cooperate, a few well timed fish faces got a laugh or two, and the best part of being so small is the uncanny ability to ignore any and all commands to behave… which might be why sessions like this make me laugh and love kids for being kids. Thank you to this family for once again opening your afternoon to my lens; seeing your children get bigger and capturing their personalities is one of my favorites things. xoxo–Ebt2015-01bt2015-02bt2015-03bt2015-04bt2015-05bt2015-06bt2015-07bt2015-08bt2015-09bt2015-10bt2015-12bt2015-13bt2015-14

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