Little Palm Island Elopement Photographer | Florida Keys

by Emily Pogozelski

Little Palm Island is one of those rare places that feels like a dream. Can an island really feel this secluded when it’s so easily accessible from the mainland? Can one really feel so pampered and relaxed in such a small place? (You might think: Is it actually this quiet or is my hearing going?) Joining this couple for their intimate and loving elopement on Little Palm Island is one of the highlights of our shooting career, but not just because of the exotic locale, perfect weather, and tiny Key deer who showed up as witnesses. These two are clearly meant to be; they balance each other perfectly, stand tall with each other side by side, and make decisions that reflect their love and care for each other. When a larger family gathering started to feel too overwhelming, a decision was made to simplify: keep the island, keep the outfits, keep the photographers, keep the ceremony. Cut everything else.

And so we had a shining jewel of a day with some of the nicest people we’ve ever met, documented each of them getting ready alone, photographed an emotionally gut-wrenching first look, and spent several hours strolling the island for casually relaxed wedding portraits before heading to their private ceremony by the water. (Well. Everything was by the water!) Afterward, there was champagne and cake, followed by a walk to the other side of the beach for sunset, where we were joined by more deer and a lovely deepening of the sky after the setting sun’s glowing rainbow hues faded. All-in-all it was a perfectly lovely day, intimate, sweet, and genuine. We are honored to have been witnesses to such love, and we look forward to our next visit to the magical Little Palm Island. xoxo– Em + Steve