Michael + Patricia | Verrazano Bridge Engagement Session

by Emily Pogozelski

We’ve known Mike for what seems like forever. Part of the dedicated team of artists who create our Signature albums, we’ve been working with him remotely on our clients’ books and in person at industry tradeshows since 2011. Or maybe 2010. (See? It feels like forever. We can’t even remember.) Em and Britney, a fellow photographer who works out of Portland, Oregon, long ago decided that when Mike finally made things official with his stunning girlfriend Patricia, they would be there to celebrate with photography. Our schedules finally aligned this June in New York, in a part of the city very special to these two: the parks and walkways near the Verrazano Bridge, down toward the bottom of Brooklyn.

Here are some of Em’s favorites that she shot during this collaborative session; be sure to check out Britney’s wedding and portrait work with her company Turn Loose the Art. (And by the way, after many casual trips and visits over the last five years, this is the first official photographic collaboration between our two companies… making this shoot a “Turn Loose the Pogo” original! So exciting.)